Spider-Man: Cake Day

Spider-Man: Cake Day

  • Spider-Man – Main Theme
  • Stealing The Dough
  • Stale Memory
  • Recipe For Disaster
  • Loaf In The Fast Lane
  • Just Dessert
Rush - Inspired by Battlefield

Rush - Inspired by Battlefield

  • The Wheatfield
  • Find Braddock
  • Vault 2


  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Family Ties
  • Internal Investigation
  • Grim Rasputin Is Dead
The Division - Agent Origins

The Division - Agent Origins

  • Everett’s Call
  • Desolation & Chase
  • Interrupted Reflections
  • After All That


  • Imminent
  • Reflection
  • One After Another
  • Moving Along
  • Lost
  • Death and Capitalism
Casey Edwards
Casey Edwards

Casey Edwards is a songwriter/producer and composer for film, television and video games. After graduating from UT-Chattanooga with a degree in Music Theory and Composition, he began pursuing his professional career in the entertainment industry. Even though his formal training was a traditional experience, his roots in rock, pop, metal, and everything in between helps set him apart in an industry where both originality and flexibility are key. He’s a firm believer in using training as a toolkit, not a rulebook.

Casey’s first venture into professional scoring came from the growing film community of YouTube. Working with top content creators and companies like Ubisoft, War Gaming, EA, and WB Games, to name a few, Casey helped to bring their biggest IPs to a live-action setting. Most notably was his work on the feature length film, RUSH, based on the massively popular game franchise, Battlefield.

His most recent credits include branding material for the game PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds as well as writing original songs and music for Devil May Cry 5. During the game’s announcement, his song Devil Trigger hit no.1 on UK’s iTunes rock chart and no.4 on US’s iTunes rock chart.

Casey is a guitar player, hobby pianist, avid synth programmer, and all-around sound explorer. He lives in Los Angeles and is represented by Soundtrack Music Associates.

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